Finding aerospace groups around the Bay

For at least a couple of years, I’ve felt the need to develop an on-line catalog of aerospace groups active in the San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley area.  As member of the AIAA San Francisco Section council,  I’ve been exposed to a lot of aerospace-oriented groups that make themselves available to either specialists in aerospace or the general public.  There are even more that I haven’t been exposed to.

So I’m starting up a catalog of such organizations.  Ultimately, this catalog may be more than I am able to handle, and one of the organizations is likely going to need to take this over.  There are related discussions in the works.  But it seems I need to at least establish at starting point.

I’ve added a page titled Aerospace Around the Bay to begin that collection.  The first three entries in the list are:

  • AIAA San Francisco Section
  • Silicon Valley Space Business Roundtable
  • Silicon Valley Space Center

The describes I give are brief, and are basically taken from their own respective intro material.  Each of them holds meetings that are open to the public.  But these are largely for the scientifically literate, technically oriented public.  They do have broader outreach activities, but you would have to dig into their activity calendars for details.

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