Imagery of Earth

Amazing images have shown up from the International Space Station (ISS) since the cupola.  A structure of seven Earth-facing windows, its spectacular views draw the crew to it in their off hours.

One of the most inspiring personalities from the ISS has to be Dr. Don Pettit, an engineer turned astronaut and communicator.  He performs really simple experiments, but does them in microgravity, and explains them in a way that the masses can understand.  In total, he has spent nearly a year in space, spread across several missions on the ISS.

He has also taken his love of photography with him into orbit.  This short film, Making the Invisible Visible, was crafted by Christopher Malin, and showcases amazing images from the ISS, interfaced with comments by Don Pettit himself.

It probably makes some people want to go to space just for the scenery.

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