Ground control to Major Tom…

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is returning from the International Space Station, where he was commander for nearly five months.   If you search for him on YouTube (like this), you’ll find an amazing set of videos of how life is space is different… and entertaining.

My favorite is what happens when you wring out a wet cloth in microgravity.  Based on my scientific background, I formed some hypotheses of what I might see.  I was totally wrong.  Everyone I have shown this to was completely surprised.

While I consider myself a novice at fluid mechanics, I still anticipate a wide variety of effects.  But not that one.  In order not to spoil it, I’m not going to say any more.

Just has he was leaving the ISS, he released a music video (yes, a music video) of him performing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”.  In this case, location is everything.

For those who grew up in the Apollo era, this brings back memories.  In spite of being a space nut, Bowie’s song was one of the strangest things I had ever heard.  Not such much so now, particular with Elton John’s “Rocket Man”.

Enjoy the show(s).  (And if you’re wondering about the title of this blog entry, just watch the first video.)



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