What happened to that e-journal?

What e-journal?

You know, the one that started a couple of months ago?

Oh, you mean that one. The RocketSciRick Update was a victim of a hectic schedule for late April and early May 2014, along with urgent tasks on my day job. The Silicon Valley Space Center was running the Space Entrepreneurship Series, a set of four meetings, mostly in May. (I wrote an open invitation inviting aspiring space entrepreneurs to join us.) Then there were the meetings with a couple of proposed start-up projects. And then there was the office move of my day job. My attempts to squeeze out time for the e-journal fell flat.

The e-journal depends on a regular publication cycle and an editorial process.  Because I cannot fix articles after they are sent out, I spent a lot of time on content, layout, distribution testing, etc. It is more intense than a blog.  In fact, I was writing a lot of original content in the e-journal and then posting later to this site.  Really, it should be other way around.

For now, it is on temporary hiatus. I plan to first get this site back up to date. In fact, I plan to move it from its current hosting service and consolidate it with other on-line resources I utilize. The plan now is to resume either (1) once the consolidation is under control, or perhaps (2) on at monthly basis during the consolidation.

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