Aerospace Workflow Challenges

[Update 6/21: The proposed meeting will be at the Hacker Dojo, 6/29, starting at 1pm.]

Aerospace vehicle and satellite projects are interdisciplinary ventures. In the past decade, such projects have morphed from large industry/government projects to targets of entrepreneurial opportunity. However, the interdependent interdisciplinary nature poses steep challenges to the success of an aerospace project. Such projects often require specialized design and analysis tools, which are often beyond the reach of small entrepreneurs.

To ground this in reality, I am hosting an “Aerospace Workflow Challenges” meeting at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, CA on June 29. This gathering seeks to examine a couple of current classes of aerospace projects, characterize design and development workflows, and identify tools and methodologies and people that enable them. Some major hurdles may be identified; some brainstorming toward solutions is expected.

The specific projects I have in mind are the following:

  • a launch vehicle for small satellites, deployed from a subsonic aircraft at 10+ km altitude.
  • a small constellation of nanosatellites (e.g., CubeSats) in a common orbit.

The reason for these particular projects is that they represent rapidly emerging commercial and educational space opportunities over the next few years.

No one is an expert in all the disciplines involved. For this to succeed, a specialist in one field (or a generalist in a certain set of disciplines) needs to be able to listen and learn from those in other disciplines.

So, for in the Bay area who are interested, here is an invitation. Come with your individual skill and expertise. Learn about other disciplines and how they depend on each other. Be part of a solution.

Here’s the description of the event on the Hacker Dojo calendar.

If this session proves useful, more may be planned.

I will be posting notes on related material, which will be linked from this page.  Stay tuned.

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